Big Changes Ahead

Thanks Felicia @ DNX for this amazing article ;-) Happiness is something we can choose! We only started to understand the power of our thoughts: if we create positive thoughts and feelings, our mind automatically

Quantum Leap

Here we are in a quantum jump. I dream a business world in witch my services are not necessary, the companys have understand and take care by theirself. If in the future I had to

Measuring Comfort Zones

If you want to push your comfort zone’s boundaries but you’re not sure where to start, there’s actually a tool online to measure your comfort zone. A short questionnaire about your comfort levels in professional,

Say Yes to Your Adventure

"Entrepreneurship is not about acquisitions or raising million dollars; It is about thrill, unpredictability, living with constraints, pushing yourself to a new high, being innovative and trusting your own gut over stats. I crave for


"when night becomes the day, they're sending you far away, so so far away" - Reload Yep, the big picture is in front of me, so freelancing is my new way. Digital Strategist helping Corporate