We Need This New Generation

We Need This New Generation

The story about an open-mind little boy who come from Generation Z

He thinks and operates in another language, and has had to overcome the hurdle of not only knowing but learning the language, and figuring out how to rise above language barriers and find a humanitarian commonality from which to make friends. This will for sure work to his disadvantage, as a child, when continuing to make diverse friends internationally, as a teenager when remembering that all humans are equal, and also later in life in graduate school or her professional job, which will most likely require bilingualism by then, if not trilingualism as a unique ability and necessary standard in the global workplace.

He doesn’t have a TV. To be outside adventuring, exercising, discovering nature coming to life right before your very eyes, touching it, smelling it, hearing it.

He has had to understand and accept what other cultures are like at such a young age. He has had to learn about global diversity and understanding and respect early or he wouldn’t have any friends. In our globalized world today, this will definitely work against his when he becomes the spokesperson for global compassion and equality because his roots of this conceptual understanding run so deep.

He now realizes that money doesn’t buy his happiness. He realizes that a new toy won’t bring his same happiness that seeing his favorite rainbow fish will, and that comforts don’t either. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone, which fosters detachment and repels greediness, cultivates simplicity, natural love, creativity, and outdoor adventure, all tragic things that will in no way ever work to his benefit, now or later down the road.

He is brave. He is a strong, independent, intelligent adventurer who learns from mistakes and finds answers for hisself. The world is hir classroom, and nature is her playground. He is so curious. He craves knowledge, adventure, happiness and more beautiful life.

He is thankful. He is thankful for the little, free things in life. I mean big things, like sunshine and universal friendships and rainbows. Not stuff. He is not thankful for stuff. He is thankful for free adventure and life exploration.

Humanity is his family.There are no colors anymore. There are no languages. There are people. There are beautiful human beings waiting to share friendships and be loved, waiting to be understood and accepted. He realizes that we are all equal. No matter where in the world we live, what we do, or what we look like. Here, we are the different ones, and sometimes it takes a lesson like that to really understand.

And last, he is learning that dreams come true. He is watching his parents pave his way of happiness and bring amazing things to life. Things that were once ideas in the heart are now morning activities and life perspectives. He is learning that anything we dream up and want in this life, we can make happen. Anything that we don’t like, we have the power to change. Anything that we believe in and love, we deserve to have. Anything that makes us happy, we can experience. He is learning that nothing is impossible, beyond reach or silly to dream. He is learning that we have one life, and we deserve to live that the way we believe. And he is learning that dreams are not meant to be dreams, but inspiration and encouragement to live and achieve and believe, to hope and pray and lead and do.

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