The Power of Serious Game using Rory’s Story Cubes

The Power of Serious Game using Rory’s Story Cubes

Thanks Cocoon for this chit-chat about The Power of Serious Game using Rory’s Story Cubes, i’m writing down here my opinion explained in the video-interview 😉

1) Presentation of participants. How do you use the Story Cubes ?

I am a Strategic Consultant & Trainer, so I help entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams through tailor-made consultancy sessions. I act as a facilitator of business & learning processes: by cooperating with cutting-edge companies, I develop iterative & incremental approaches, design operational projects and help you to reach your strategic goals.


About the big picture of my business, I’m help to improve professional carrer and corporate career, both. Starting a bidirectional flow wich is going to the customer through business model and vicecersa is going to the employee through organizational model.


In the journey of growth I take care, I’m using Story Cubes in these ways:
Evolutive Knowledge, during my own formats (one2many short public workshops) I teach outstanding topics, the players carrying out this knowledge on the game. Some custom examples: Funny Meetup @ Macerata Language Exchange | Back To The Future @ Cowo 42 | Back To The Future @ Navitas Coworking | Funny Meetup @ Free English Conversation Group Civitanova Marche
Evolutive Learning, during my own formats (one2many daily public workshops) my facilitations help to find players own solution and carrying out on their own business.
Evolutive Journey, during this trainig on the job (one2one consulting sessions) my advices help to find your solution together, living the same journey.

2) What are the goals/results that you reached using the story cubes ?
Growth Mindset Vs Fixed Mindset
My cutting-edge lab is like an immersive training on the job – people are playing with Rory’s Story Cubes – cooperating and sharing stories. Solving complex problems is the main outcome, through this playful activity, the players will release the power of their creative mind and will be able to manage happiness out of the Comfort Zone. Each person will touch the new open-minded problem solving approach. Hands and mind will be used to imagine, create and build a story.

3) What about the use of story cubes in team ?

Serious Game

Story Cubes as ice breaker are amazing, as well. The dice enable teams to get to know each other better in a fun and interesting way. During one2many public workshops, the dice allow to overcome the embarrassment telling a personal story to a stranger (never known before). During team consulting sessions, the dice are an excellent starting point to spark conversations on subjects that otherwise may never have been discussed.

4) Have you ever used it in combination with other tools ?


Yes, these products are all part of a toolbox I use to help my customers. Mind Maps, Canvases, Lego bricks or dice are used to help people to understand what they are able to do.

5) How can we mix different methodologies ?

Rory's Story Cubes

No problem, it depends on the learning abilities of people who use the tool. For instance, the dice are easier than bricks, the symbol on its face is a good starting point for newbies (right brain hemisphere untrained). Instead, with Lego bricks you have to build something from scratch and give it a meanging.

Play The Game 😉

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