Strategic Consultant & Trainer

I was born on January 1st at twenty past midnight :-)  Fallen in love with my life and my work, I’m a freelance, passionate all around entrepreneurship and digital marketing. Adapting to the different context and states that I see over the horizon. I love traveling and I feel like a citizen of the world, I’ve been in Dublin, Berlin, Tel Aviv, Las Palmas, Bali; in the past New York, London, Barcelona, Sidney. Curious to discover new things, I like to put myself in the shoes of others and share a strong sense of empathy with others.

Working funny and working travelling, both. I able to find new business opportunities in emerging ecosystems. I’m a disruptive man througt innovative markets. Testing cutting edge topics, find alternative solutions when the actual doesn’t work. I don’t wait someone who tells me what I need to do but I keep provattive skills over the top. I ask myself the right questions after an active listening of the others and  I earn the authoritativeness to build a win-win professional relationship.

I am a Strategic Consultant & Trainer, so I help entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams through tailor-made consultancy sessions. I act as a facilitator of business & learning processes: by cooperating with cutting-edge companies, I develop iterative & incremental approaches, design operational projects and help you to reach your strategic goals.

I have been actively using the techniques of Lean Thinking and Agile Methodology for several years. My goal is to instill the challenge of change and create a solid culture of ongoing improvement. What makes me different is my method — the unique facilitation process through which I transfer skills and experiences with the aid of new business tools.

Please to meet you