Big Changes Ahead

Big Changes Ahead

Thanks Felicia @ DNX for this amazing article 😉

Happiness is something we can choose! We only started to understand the power of our thoughts: if we create positive thoughts and feelings, our mind automatically watches out for them more and attracts positive things back. Makes total sense, right? More and more people open themselves to practicing gratitude and meditation as used (and shared) by the world’s greatest achievers, creatives and entrepreneurs. It helps us to be 100% present in the moment, to be happy in the now. That, in turn, reduces fear and anxiety, which are major causes of all our modern day problems.

So here are 7 facts that tell us something extraordinary is happening in the world:

1) The old employment model is dying. Not much of a surprise for YOU, right? But did you believe a few years or even just months ago that the movement of digital nomads, remote companies and alternative work concepts would attract so many people? People can’t stand working for big corporations anymore, dreaming of escaping the cubicle. Besides, there will be less jobs out there, so entrepreneurship becomes the safest option!

2) Collaborative communities are on the rise. Coworking & coliving projects unite a diverse community of local creatives, techies, entrepreneurs, remote employees, changemakers. Everyone has different backgrounds, talents or skills and is happy to trade and share them. Times of pushing elbows are coming to an end. We’re moving towards a world with strongly connected, supportive, global tribes. Concepts of the sharing economy, collaborative communities and togetherness are growing. We’re building communities where ego is the enemy! It’s amazing!

3) The world starts to understand the internet. The invention of the Internet has given us such massive opportunities! It is this amazing tool that has the potential to reconnect us as one human race, to eliminate walls and separation, to grow together as a global community. It is empowering every single one of us. We can now take control of our lives, have access to knowledge and nearly unlimited information. We can CHOOSE and are not dependent on what other people think is good for us. Every single one of us has a voice. We can share our ideas with the world without having to ask for it.

4) Excessive consumption is outdated. The times when we just want to buy, buy, buy are coming to an end. It’s still a long way to go, but you can feel it all around you: people are buying less cars, swapping clothes, going to flea markets and sharing vans, longboards, apartments and workspaces. We’re slowly digging our way out of the manipulative hole to consume and possess as much as we can. We don’t need all the stuff our parents were told we would. Instead, we’re drawn towards the ideas of slow food and the simple life, taking the power away from many big corporations and passing it to small, creative businesses with good values. Yeah!

5) Living consciously: Healthy & organic food. Isn’t it crazy that we treated our own bodies like shit in the past decades? We didn’t question if what’s sold in the supermarkets is good or bad for us. We just accepted that big brands are poisoning us with non-natural, processed junk-food for the bigger profit. Finally this is changing! We started to see the huge connection between clean, healthy, organic food and a happy, successful life. And this will change our whole economy. Again, power is shifting back to the smaller businesses, the farmers, or even ourselves. We’re growing food at home or sharing it in urban gardens.

6) Unschooling is shaking the education system. Many big thinkers, creators and entrepreneurs challenge the education system. Schools are teaching us to lead an ordinary life and be a functioning part of society. But we all carry genius in us – creativity that’s waiting to be unleashed. We can push ourselves towards doing extraordinary things. Luckily, people have started hacking the old education system. Prestigious universities are putting their knowledge online for free. The sheer number of tutorials, webinars and online courses available gives us control of what we want to learn – and we can do it anywhere, anytime and in any stage of life and business.

7) Mindfulness: Spirituality is re-awaking in 2.0 Not too long ago, people would smile at you if you’d practiced meditation or yoga. It was meant for weird hippie folks, not for the modern person. Now look around you – “mindfulness” has become a huge trend and is helping lots of stressed people to feel happier, healthier and more aligned with the world around them. We focus so much on our bodies, training them, getting them into shape. Well, you know, we can train our minds and shape our reality, too!

We’re headed down a good path. Let’s take this further and really make this world a fucking awesome place!

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