Maker Is Hight: Think Global, Act Local

Maker Is Hight: Think Global, Act Local

Average Is Over, this is my opinion. Everything standard is outdated, each worker will no longer be in the average, in order to be competitive they should commit themselves to give more in everything they do. Look at Artisans World and think at Makers Movement, here we are. Craftsman is an entrepreneur first, I mean Entrepreneurship cross-way, the everyone ability to build an original journey and to make sense of practices that can no longer be confined in the tradition, but it needs to be restarted. The cobbler in 2013 doesn’t do this job ’cause his dad was a cobbler, but he can make sense of a job that demands to be managed with an innovative approach.

New italian craftsman will need more training (not a school shortcut), more control of foreign languages ​​(because it will not only work with other italians) and will own a ICT domain (to manage and communicate his activity): make dimension is integral part of learning. Training in the artisan world needs new educational models for the transmission of the manufacturing capacity. The delegation of the role of the school to external agency goes against all logic. The ” know-how” is transmitted by doing it. Italian school didacticts should change perspective. We can not continue to indicate professional training as a second choice for those who do not seem to have different educational prospects.

Digital world has often made ​​the mistake to forcing companies and artisans to follow the web hype. Before to communicate , train, coordinate, you must show that you can sell. One of the most important points of the digital evolution of recent years has been disintermediation. Applies to journalists, book stores , tourist guides and so on. The distribution network can be redesigned with new perspectives that depart from the possibilities offered by the web. The changing role of intermediaries goes from experts economic transactions (discounts, commissions, etc) repeaters value through places (even virtual) connection between distribution and production , B2B platforms to connect artisans and products into the international market. At the center, a redistribution of the value chain. From third party manufacturing to the centrality of the place of generation of value. The web can trigger a virtuous cycle that brings supply and demand by reducing the steps that no add value.

If I think of Chris Anderson, I think at the drones. If I think Tesla Motors, i thimk at the energy. If I think 3D printers, I think to young hackers of the physical world. I can not find, except in rare instances, the craftsmen that existed before this new movement. Almost had taken a top-down process in which the majority anticipatory innovation has take part in a movement, but missed completely the bottom-up component in which craftsmen embrace the technology and the digital world. Today digital artisans are innovators who use the web for promotion. The makers are making a path leading to the skilled storyteller to discover the world of the product, thanks to their job passion. The artisans instead are not making the reverse path, or rather they are doing it in a totally weakened way. There are at least three reasons why this thing is waiting, but can not be ignored: the age difference, the difference in digital culture and faith in the future.


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