Life begins at the end of your Comfort Zone

Life begins at the end of your Comfort Zone

In this recession we are able to learn the truth, we can’t assume something we override with imprudence: we can’t improve the welfare of today sacrificing the future, increasing the cost to mantain the rising and financing this rising charging the next generation. In 2013, the new Entrepreneur is into a changing way so different from the past: at the beginning of his hopefull career the Wannabe needs to study basic theories e concepts to watch the markets by a different point of view. The new entrepreneur can’t miss the oppurtunity to know milestones such as The Long Tail, Blue Ocean Strategy and Experiences Economics, etc. So, he learned the right skills, the aspiring entrepreneur has the opportunity to practice new kind of exesercise, new formats, events that are spreading in Italy such as Startup Weekend, Lean Startup Machine, Startup Pirates. This full immersion allow the Wannabe CEO to start new business ideas, to develope them into opened & collaborative contexts. By the way, a good business idea come from perceptions that smash and together make something big than themselves.

Came back at home with a suistainable business idea, now you can work at your startup, maybe into a Coworking space, hot places wher the entrepreneur can find co-founder or partner to grow up his project. Coworking are full of opened mind people, influenced by the same objectives. Look at the markets, you can see many strong and detarminated business people, they want emerge. In the past, the entrepreneur made the choice, now the choice it’s only necessary. Many ideas can be touch the innovation but non to many are suistainable into own market. Change the way to do business, think at the failure topic (in italian culture) to negative sense to motivation at the excellence: a serial entrepreneur, the founder of prolific startups, learning from the mistakes made in the past to improve its companies of the future.

Your competitive advantage will satisfy your business, looking for a italian meritocracy (no way around you) and allowing to focus on proactive personal & professional goals. Yep, fuck the routine, not swich off the spirit on “inventor”, I know italian business world is too immersed in the frenzy of the numbers and the tyranny of time and these are killing the invention, only people I know safe and happy in their job, are those that have the ability to invent and design new services or products. In Italy, startup hype is over our heads, emerging companies with strong technological core that contaminate different sectors, but the new product or service created by the entrepreneur must necessarily start from the needs of users, in order to co-design suitable for users what they really want. Remember, Startup is a temporary organization designed to be a scalable business model and quantified in monetary terms.

So, what really will guide the entrepreneur throughout the growth of its startup is the method, to fit the business model (the way in which the company creates, acquires and delivers value to its potential customers) and track the results. Best instruments to realize the first assumptions are the Business Model Canvas (suitable to develop startup) or Lean Canvas (suitable to develop new products) and the Empathy Map (suitable for discover prospect) in order to resume business concepts for all the team. Minimize waste and maximize learning, adapting the solution to the problem by the target , adapting the product/service made ​​to the needs of the target market.

Non so easy, in your life you have built small golden cages, indoors you’re fine but you’re also attached at a comfortable life, inside our talent is sleeping. Life is not only mantain “your status quo”. More you’ve been good and lucky, and harder it is to break the chains, follow a dream, it will take you to higher things, I think this is the only possible way to innovate, into your own life. It’s a challenge, but it is also one of the few ways to change skin at the same speed of changing world and always remain into the business. Teaching is the best way to learn, introspective reason I do this job is because I am giving to others what I never had when I was in the same situation, at the same way the business reason I do this is to create value with a business that works and that gives me satisfaction.

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